Rajash WriteUp

Rajash (1036) orbits the gas giant Ekrpl-da, to which it is tidally
locked. However, rotation about Ekrpl-da produces seasons, which
causes variations in pressure in the world's atmosphere. In "winter",
the temperature drops to below the freezing point of most atmospheric
gases, and the atmosphere is very thin (about 0.1 atm). In "summer",
the temperature increases above freezing, and the liquid gas seas boil
off to form a thin atmosphere (about 0.6 atm). The highest recorded
temperature on the world is about -172 degrees. At this temperature,
all atmospheric gases except carbon dioxide have boiled back into the

The sole community on this world is divided into two opposing groups.
The larger (population 25,400) is governed by the Izhde Dletsva, a
small company which trades on Satsva, Rajash, and Ishnad. The other
group (population 12,900) comprises renegade employees who staged an
attempted "coup" several hundred years ago. They fight a cold war
which occasionally flares into open violence. Both groups assist their
control of their populations by limiting access to technology above

The society on this world is found curious by many outsiders.
Historically, only females are allowed to join the police forces.
However, recent changes have extended this prohibition to include the
entire judiciary. Due to a lack of growing space, the population of
Rajash must consume calories in compact form. A traditional drink,
still popular today is Bakr, a high protein/calorie beverage, which
the mere presence of, for non-natives, causes nausea.

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