Heffone WriteUp

Heffone (Imperial UWP B333578-C)
(Droyne UWP X333575-7) Balkanized

As Heffone didn't contain any unplundered artifacts since antebellum,
Strephon decided that the world is to unimportant for the rebellion
to continue trade and starport subventions. Human companies followed
quickly and moved to other worlds. At 31 the Droyne world was back
to TL:7, and virus didn't even found a starport to infect.

Its assumed that the world is ruled by a irregular meeting of Droyne
Lords. So far non of the tribes did accept technologies from the FDR.
Several ships have been lost since the rebellion, only known that they
had depature to Heffone in their flight plan. Heffonce is classified
as amber, and traders from Usdiki should take the Torrago route, as
Heffone does'nt have a gas giant for frontier refueling.

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