Vlu'da'rin WriteUp

Vlu'da'rin (Imperial UWP E504567-8)
(Human UWP X504667-9)

Bunker Rats is the most common word when speech is about Vlu'da'rin.
And impressions about to many rats in a overcrowded cage will show
to everybody who saw the pictures a missionary made some years ago.

The main world, a large ice moon with 5 probably former asteroids enclosed
in the center orbiting the 4th gas giant, was a prisoner camp since the
lanthanum was mined out in the antebellum. A stable TL-8 economy, where
its possible to go in but not to go out. The security didn't rely on high
tech computers, to avoid that hackers could break from inside or outside,
by using sota equipment or the more profane social approach. The strength of
the system was the Blockwart Sociology induced as a meme to the first prisoners.

So far only priest of Leibowitz managed to visit the bunkers and to
come out again. On his pictures the complex looked still functional,
but the system was designed to host about 800 thousand people in hot
bunkering, and now contains aprox 6 millions. As the Blockwart Sociology
also implies that the system is constantly producing weapons to defend
itself from the outside, any approach to free the people would most
likely kill all. The prisoners are working on a gigantic jump drive
to become a second sky raider.

He advised the Moot of Jump Ports to wait until they reached TL:A to
infect them with a lower strain. A mothers type could execute its egg
on TL:A mainframes, and would be a good choice in his opinion.

The Moot prefers to wait. Its known that in imperial times, TL:D combat
robots were send frequently into the bunker worlds to control the
population. From this point of view, the arrival of virus and the collapse
of the 3I, was introducing a new future for them. Even if a solution has to
been found within the next years, the Moot did came to any consents when
speech is about the Bunker Rat. The theme should be avoided as it most
times ended in flame wars between the fractions. Both the concept of
inducing a new meme by missionaring or infect with a lower strain have
its followers. The imperial solution is like Damocles sword, always
in mind, but never in speech.

Author annotation: This was a two player, no dice scenario, I had with
Lutz some years ago. Enigma was that they are still (since 430-3I) working
on a gigantic jump drive to become a second sky raider. Scenery was like
"behind the third Reich" mixed with more modern kind of horror. He didn't
had the idea to calculate that they probately need several million years to
continue even if enough lanthanum can be found. Its a meme - a psycho virus
induced in sociology of a group - nothing real. I've told him next day on
a smoke. He managed well to play "paranoia about the new sky raiders" on
our next meeting with the other player.

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