Melchizhdrenk WriteUp

Melchizhdrenk (1139) has a standard atmosphere, a day length of 29 hrs
5 mins, a mean surface temperature of 5.6 degrees, standard surface
gravity and teeming native life. All this leads to Melchizhdrenk being
a lush agricultural world (one of only two agricultural worlds in the
subsector). Although its moon, Ninzhta, is even more amenable to life,
most activities are carried out on Melchizhdrenk. Only food producing
activities are carried out on Ninzhta.

Melchizhdrenk's atmosphere is faintly tainted with carbon monoxide,
carbon fluoride and most importantly, traces of hydrazine (N2H4). A
number of native species of plant life, found only on Melchizhdrenk,
have been found useful in the construction, drug, and other
industries. However, the taint of hydrazine is sufficient to cause
immense and spectacular fire storms when the plant life is ignited.
Melchizhdrenkan cities are sprawling affairs with large, widely
spaced, and opulent homes. The people prefer a feeling of space and
can have problems when placed in enclosed areas.

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