Reentschti WriteUp

Reentschti (1206 A235767-F): is the major Zhodani Depot in
Yiklerzdanzh. Reentschti is a military system, under the direct
control of the Zhodani Consulate Navy. All people in system are
military personnel, their dependants, people who are employed by the
Navy or people whose jobs are in some way connected with the Depot.

All starships entering the system are checked and all people entering
the system are subject to psionic screening by Tavrchedl' officers
before being allowed into the civilian zones. This particularly
applies to non Zhodani traders from outside the Consulate's border.

The system is divided strictly into military zones and civilian zones.
No civilian or civilian vessel is permitted in a military zone without
a prior military security clearance. Security was tightened five years
ago when a Meichntid Ibl spy ring was uncovered.

The Reentschti Depot is the biggest military base in the entire sector
regardless of nationality. A sizeable percentage of the sector's
mothballed reserve ships are stored here. The elite Jdaar' fleet is
also stationed here.

The system mainworld is fairly small, has a near vacuum surface, and
has extensive ice fields covering around 50% of the surface. The
entire planet is strictly off limits to civilians without a high level
security clearance. The civilian population and the majority of
military personnel live in space habitats or in complexes located on
several of the systems other planets or moons, all of which have no
atmosphere or (much) hydrosphere.

Rumours abound as to secret military projects occurring on the
mainworld, that there is an Ancients site located here, that
experiments in genetic warfare are going on, and so on and so forth.
It has been confirmed that a number of unusual vessels have been
produced in the naval shipyards on the mainworld in recent times.

(David Schneider)

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