Dingir WriteUp

Dingir AA89A98-C
Starport: Excellent Size: Large (15200-16800 km)
Atmosphere: Dense Hydrographics: 90% water
Population: 10 billion Govt: Impersonal Bureaucracy
Law Level: High Technology: Average Stellar

Dingir has had an important place in history. It has been, in turn, a
provincial capital of the First Imperium, headquarters of the Terran fleet,
for a brief time capital of the Second Imperium, an independent world
(during the Long Night), subsector capital under the Third Imperium and the
Solomani Confederation, a sector capital under the Third Imperium (following
the First Solomani Rim War), and the center for resistance against the
Solomani invasion during much of the Second Solomani Rim War. Today Dingir
is once again an independent world, and the capital of the newly revived
Dingir League.

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