Vriasheshki WriteUp

Vriasheshki (1237) is a world of stark contrasts. The polar and
coastal areas consist of lush tropical forests and swamps. This
gradually gives way to grasslands, then deep, endless deserts in the
interiors. It is a hot world - mean surface temperature is 77.3
degrees, temperatures at the poles rarely fall below 50 degrees, and
in the deserts temperatures can rise to well over 100 degrees.
However, the world teems with highly developed life forms including
huge reptiles and amphibians.

The main settlements are at the poles, including the capital Yoliek,
which has a population of 99,000 and the main starport (the best other
starport is only type D). Most of the population is Vlazhdumecta,
although they are quite unlike their offworld cousins. Adapted to
their world, they are less emotional, leaner, and hold attitudes
markedly different to mainstream society. However, this does not mean
that the natives do not welcome offworlders. In fact, tourism is a
major industry for the world. With its climate and wildlife, the world
is a popular destination. Big game hunting is an industry all of its
own. Much prestige is gathered by those who can return with the
largest kill.

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