Pranjadrapara WriteUp

Pranjadraparats (1239) is a low density vacuum world (surface gravity
0.3 g), tidally locked to the primary with a mean surface temperature
of -156.59 degrees.

Theoretically, this settlement should not be able to exist, since the
people of Pranjadraparats maintain their tech level below that
generally considered feasible for survival on such a barren world. A
small group settled this world in 957 as a refuge from which to
experience the causal world. They are a devout group of monks who
spend most of their lives undertaking psionic disciplines with which
to focus and test the inner mind. The group has slowly grown and is
now almost double its original size. All members, male and female,
wear little or nothing, as a refutation of the physical world. The
community itself, called Shiatlenj, is in caves deep within a large
chasm. There are no signs of the settlement from the ground, apart
from a small fuel dump and beacon. Those devout enough to join must
locate the community for themselves. The monks sometimes to consent to
teach those who will journey to find them.

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