Chansingol WriteUp

Chansingol (Imperial UWP B570697-9)
(Jonkeer UWP X570417-7)

Chansingol was a Jonkeereen colony, one of SuSAG experiments with the
genetic code. It was home of the 4321 TankRon. When the TankRon was lost
the small TL:D naval base was moved to Usdiki. The Jonkeereen stayed there
forgotten in the last days of the war. "Anything is over" was a message
they got from Usdiki 284'30. 3 days later this message became truth when 2
Cruisers decided to nuke the planet because they didn't found a tanker.

Since then the population is in steady decline. The Jonkeereen are modified
that they need the normally deadly high oxygen rate in their atmosphere,
and that they are breathing the water instead of drinking. But nuclear
contamination is a problem no organic race can stand for long without

The remaining population is living in a mountain region south of the central
"lake". The lake itself glass now, and has about 6000 REM in the center
where Chansingol former starport was. The government is extreme paranoid
and split in several tribes, each ruled by a small group of warriors.

Femicide and slavery is a common social practice of those tribes who
have access to high tech weapons traded from the out world. Chansingol
didn't receive a tradeport and while trade is not forbidden, traders
should think twice about the toys they offer.

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