Sokr Jakkia WriteUp

Sokr Jakkia (1338) has an atmosphere with a low oxygen taint, believed
to be the result of most of the atmospheric oxygen being bound into
the oceans long ago, through a process not yet understood. The oceans
consist of an aqueous hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution, which is a
powerful oxidising agent and must be processed before use. The mean
surface temperature is 5.8 degrees and the day length is 38 hr 21 min.

Sokr Jakkia was settled during the -2300's and was one of the early
Unity's more populous worlds. When the Unity contracted in the 900's,
Sokr Jakkia was mostly abandoned due to the need for constant
maintenance caused by the oxidising waters of the world. The remaining
population are those who refused to abandon their world, all of whom
live in a single settlement called Ekr Jakkia. They have become
extremely suspicious of offworlders. Jonjivr still maintains control
of the world, but this really only applies to the starport area. The
starport is important to Jump-1 trade here, but is over 700km from Ekr
Jakkia, and natives rarely venture near.

The Sokr Jakkians are a private people who dislike public intrusion.
They rarely venture outside their homes and most industry is home
based. Even more than Vlazhdumecta generally, they hold invention,
creativity, and artistry in special regard, and treat all art forms
and artists with great reverence. Historically, the Zhodani are held
in high regard and will always receive special privileges while on the
world. In fact, the people prefer to think of themselves as Zhodani,
rather than Vlazhdumecta.

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