Ravlda WriteUp

Ravlda (1435) is a high density world with a surface gravity of 1.6 g,
surface atmospheric pressure of 2.00 standard and a mean surface
temperature of 6.9 degrees. Unusually, it has a day of about 52
standard days (retrograde). It was settled then abandoned during the
first Vlazhdumecta collapse. Apart from the abandoned colony, ruins
scattered over the world and its moons indicate a pre-stellar
civilisation flourished here over 25,000 years ago. The only legacy of
this now extinct human minor race is the pollutants that still taint
the atmosphere.

The settlement on Ravlda is a small archaeological base that was
established in 1039 by Lor Kiernavst fa-Orshtiel. The base has become
a noted centre for Rhands-onS archaeological training. As the moon,
Blialbiz, can sustain life without aid, the community itself is there.
While not on regular trade routes, the world sustains a type C
starport to support long jump transport to coreward. The unisex
coveralls worn by the archaeologists have become a defacto dress
standard for the inhabitants. Generally easy going and greatly fond of
alcohol and other recreational drugs, the only laws strictly enforced
relate to the areas with archaeological remains.

Recently, a number of Houses have made overtures towards recolonising
the world. The Unity fears this would lead to House warfare and so
continues to debate the issue.

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