Brinzhianzh WriteUp

Brinzhianzh (1437) was not colonised until the second expansion around
-1900, since it was not as an attractive world for settlement as
others (mainly due to the high density mainworld, with surface gravity
of 2.0g). Although it is tidally locked to the primary, with a mean
surface temperature of -11.1 degrees, there is broad band of habitable
latitudes in the day side of the planet, in which most of the
population of 2,180,000 dwell.

As with other Izrats Kriezhlas worlds, robotics has played an
important part in the growth of settlement on the world, particularly
since much of the surface of the planet is inhospitable. However,
here, all computers and robots are linked through a central data Net.
Everything passes through the Net which is now so entrenched in
peoples lives, that most keep an open access to ensure that they are
kept informed. In an attempt to increase their population, the
Brinzhianzh House leaders have mandated fixed yearly marriages for
those under 40. Tissue samples are kept for all citizens even with the
difficulty of cloning Vlazhdumecta tissue. Apart from standard facial
markings, hidden computer readable tattooing provides information and
access through a persons implants. All agriculture is carried out by
robots radio linked to the Net. With its (albeit relatively primitive)
computer Net, Brinzhianzh is a cosmopolitan, economic power in the
spinward areas of the Unity.

The Ancients site is on one of the two moons, discovered by
prospectors around 900 Imperial. A research station was established to
study it and the area was declared off limits shortly after. Although
no details of discoveries are known, there are rumours of occasional
pieces of Ancients debris appearing on the black market. Doubt over
the source of the debris persists, despite an investigation which
resolved that they (if they exist) must date back to the short period
between discovery and the establishment of the Research Station.

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