Jonjivr WriteUp

Jonjivr (1438) has a population at any one time of about 10,000,000
people. However the only permanent inhabitants are a small geneering
project to survive high pressure conditions. The rest of the
population consists of commuters from elsewhere in the system,
tourists, and House troubleshooter/executives. As a government centre,
and Consular Resort World, the system is a hive of activity and it has
become mandatory for nobles to be assisted by robotic retinues. The
robots are also of assistance outside the grav cities (due to the
surface gravity of 1.3g).

The very dense atmosphere at sea level (10 atmospheres) appears as a
mist due to hydrographic based non-toxic taints. Many popular resorts
are found at this level and in free floating gravitic cities. Sporting
and health centres are common.

The world has 2 satellites; one is used for farming (the mainworld has
no native life) and the other is a colony. Both are also the home of
Research stations. The system is the holding of Draj Alvar who
instituted this rare form of government to foster technical

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