Divkar WriteUp

Divkar (Imperial UWP D382566-6)
(Human UWP C382646-7)

Divkar was lucky. It had air and water, a moderate population and a limited
technology by IISS interdiction. The main city was often visited by tourists
and scientist surveying the Traypih population. Because of its low techlevel
virus had no impact to the economy. Even vice versa, with the recontact by
the "Last Sane" steady growing trade allowed them to build a class C tradeport.
As with the fall of the empire the IISS is also interdict gone, and refugees
from the barren worlds settled here. Each vilage is sending a group of
representatives to the anual municipal moot. The barnstorms and votes
are distributed over a radio network around the whole planet. The most
unusual thing about the representatives is certainly, that once they
are elected and send to the moot, they take their seat as long as they
have the vote of confidence of their vilage. If they lose it, they have
to leave the planet by law.

The world of Divkar (Rure 1518) is the home of the amphibious Traypih.
A race of squid-like sophonts who dwell in the large, shallow
lagoon-like seas of Divkar, thriving in the warm upper layers and the
abundant mud flats. The Traypih are in the process of developing full
intelligence and are thus under the intense and watchful eye of the

The Traypih are approximately three meters long when fully mature with
a cluster of short tentacles at the anterior end. One of the tentacles
is a highly developed sensor cluster containing the Traypih equivalent
of eyes, nose and tongue. There are a series of pressure sensors
present on the flanks of the Traypih which are capable of picking up
the slightest changes in water displacement brought about by the
slightest of movements.

Parallels have been drawn with the Githiaskio of Githiaski (Dartho
0806, on the edge of the Lesser Rift).

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