Higli WriteUp

Higli (Imperial UWP C5618C7-8)
(Human UWP C5617C7-8)

Higli was nuked by the last of Lucans Black War strikes 1129. The Government
managed to survive the chaos, and is still a more or less charismatic
oligarchy. As a government decision the systems economy is stable Tl:8.
Higli is showing strong Lancian tradition, and import of Tl9+ equipment
is strictly regulated to protect local production. Visitors who want to
leave the extrality zone have to pay 1000 local credits per week, as public
facilities like the monorails, theaters, and even public restaurants are free
to any citizen without any further controls. Even if 1000 credits per week
is 4 times the local income, tourist enjoy the all inclusive approach if they
can pay the lumped sum. So visa is limited to 2 weeks, to avoid becoming
invaded from off world tourists.

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