Drianshstitl WriteUp

Drianshstitl (1537) is mostly flat, dry grassland, though is habitable
enough (surface gravity 0.6 g, day length 27 hrs 41 mins,
hydrographics percentage 14%, standard atmosphere). Public figures are
not paid but can freely use House finances. However, they must pay for
this with a total lack of privacy. Their homes must be open to any who
wish to enter.

In general, Drianshstitl is a back water world resentful of its lack
of status. The three Houses who share the world have recently lobbied
for greater voting power in the Izh Kriezhlal. It has become common
for many people to use cosmetic based wetware to alter their moods
and/or personalities to suit an occasion. A large "backyard" industry
has grown in this area.

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