Fretstlapl WriteUp

Fretstlapl (1538) is an old world, tidally locked to its primary,
where life hangs on in its (literally) twilight years. Most of the
world is dry, flat desert dimly lit by its suns. The mean surface
temperature is -101.3 degrees, but temperatures are less extreme on
the day side of the world. Here vast underground hothouses established
over the centuries provide an abundance of agricultural products.

However, the world has been continually settled since the first
Vlazhdumecta colonies in the subsector. While robots are relatively
common, it is more usual to find remote units under computer control
undertaking their roles. Population centres are still generally small
and well distributed. Strangers are rare in a community and unusual
greetings have evolved when dealing with them. Gifts are exchanged,
and are either of great value, or of historic significance (ie, have a

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