Engallent WriteUp

Engallent (Imperial UWP C150853-D)
(Human UWP C150474-A)
(Awaken UWP A 676-E)

Engallent suffered bad by several infections and fractional wars of empires
and puppeteers killed most of the population as a side effect. A restrain
by the Last Sane was successful in 1143, but it took 30 years until the
human population accepted trade and received a TL:A class C tradeport.

With over 3 million robots, Engallent is one of the main production facilities
of the FDR. The human population is mostly living in the rural, sometimes
traveling to the tradeport to buy or sell goods. The recent discussion to
settle Jonkeereen here, has even raised the mistrust between the starport
city and the rural population.

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