Sirius WriteUp

Sirius C000368-C
Starport: Routine Size: Asteroid Belt
Atmosphere: None Hydrographics: No liquid water
Population: 7,000 Govt: Captive Government
Law Level: High Technology: Average Stellar

Much of the asteroid belt around Sirius is made up of artificial satellites,
mostly hollowed out planetoids moved from nearby systems. Terran Republic
Marine and Naval personnel have swept the vast majority of these planetoids
and found them uninhabited, though some were found to be in good working
order (with the exception of their computers). Those planetoids which were
salvageable were subsequently overhauled and reoccupied. A Terran outpost
has been established on one of the recently refurbished planetoids (which
was renamed Outpost Orion by its commander). Outpost Orion is expected to
provide the Terran Navy a much needed forward base, and provide merchants
with a safe harbor as they travel through this important crossroads system.

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