Hammer WriteUp

Hammer (1631) has a number of huge volcanoes that have spewed sulphur
compounds into the atmosphere for centuries. If it were not for these,
Hammer would be a livable (if hot) world (mean surface temperature
53.5 degrees, day length 303 days). The surface of Hammer is shrouded
in a thick fog for most of the time. This is due to the hydration of
sulphur trioxide in the air, which condenses and forms; amongst other
things; pyrosulphuric acid (H2S2O7) which dilutes in water to form
sulphuric acid. Hammer is a high density world, leading to a surface
gravity of 1.2g.

Hammer was settled by choice in the late 500's by the Faith. A good
sense of smell is vital here. Atmosphere leaks are common and the
early detection of the sulphurous smell can mean the difference
between life and death.

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