Sejchiet WriteUp

Sejchiet (1639) is a pleasant world (mean surface temperature 19.6
degrees) with large wilderness areas. These remain despite a huge
population inhabiting the world for over 5,000 years. This is due to
strict controls being implemented very early in the world's history
and the arrangement with the 10 million Droyne who also dwell here.

Most of the inhabitants live in great megastructures, that sometimes
resemble forested mountains (since a tiered pyramid shape is becoming
increasingly popular). No building can take place without at least
double the plantlife affected being planted or incorporated into the
structure under construction. Over the centuries, the ecosystem has
taken on an aura of almost religious significance. Everything is
recycled and exceedingly harsh penalties are incurred for
contaminating the environment. Some movements have taken it so far as
to advocate cannibalism as the ultimate recycling. Much of the lower
classes are fed from the food vats into which many recycled products
go. Use of vat based products is social catastrophe for one of the

The day length is a long 41 hrs, 36 mins, which the locals have split
up into 2 effective "days". The active part of each "day" therefore
alternates between day and night, so most locals are well used to life
in either light or dark. Although some never leave the megastructures,
most frequently spend time outside. The megastructures are not
designed to be isolated environments are people are encouraged to
leave windows open, grow gardens and spend time on the surface of the

The lineages on this world live in great "clan houses". Tracking and
analysis of family lines is a popular hobby. All great events, from
marriages, naming, majority, and funerals are officiated by family
elders. With the great family bonds that develop, it is not uncommon
for the survivor to suicide on the death of their partner. Before
majority, all citizens must undergo one years training in
ecology/planetography. As part of the majority celebrations,
tournaments are held mirroring the psionic games held by the Zhodani.

Sejchiet's industries are at the forefront of technical innovation in
the Unity.

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