Zhdamonzhdran WriteUp

Zhdamonzhdranj (1735) is a fairly isolated tidally locked world,
colonised about 500 years ago. It has a C class starport to cater for
jump-3 traffic passing from coreward to spinward, but traffic has
decreased to the point where it may be downgraded to class D.

There is little reason to visit the mainworld, which is governed from
Chedraz (1738). The entire population of 3,220 live in a single city,
Dranjstol. The population either work in the starport or in the mines
that provide the only trade for the planet. Tattooing of occupation on
the face is universal here (a custom common to the Izrats Kriezhlas).
Due to the nature of the posting, the entire population is provided
with free food and clothing.

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