Chedraz WriteUp

Chedraz (1738) appears from the normal stats to be a pleasant world,
but is actually quite unusual due to the very long (97 standard day)
retrograde rotational period, high gravity (1.8) and small axial tilt
(17 degrees 34' 26"). The base surface temperature is 24.3 degrees C,
but actual temperatures soar during the day and dive during the long

Chedraz was on the verge of extinction after the initial collapse of
the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity, due to difficulties in coping with the
temperature extremes and certain native lifeforms. Only after Zhodani
recontact were the problems solved, and the population has had a high
regard for the Zhodani ever since. The population still believes that
the Unity should remain a Zhodani client state and considered seceding
from the Unity to remain part of the Zhodani Consulate (in the end,
practicalities led to a decision to remain part of the Unity). The
high regard in which the Zhodani found themselves here led to this
world being the most popular for Zhodani settlement, and so there are
twice as many racial Zhodani here as elsewhere in the Unity.

All citizens are required to spend a year offworld before starting
their career. In this way, they gain expertise and exposure to other
ways of working.

The unusual landscapes and lifeforms that have evolved to cope with
the temperature extremes have led to the world being a popular leisure

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