Brozh WriteUp

Brozh (1838) is a small, barren system without major House presence.
The "mainworld" is a 0.1 AU wide planetoid belt in orbit 2, being 30%
nickel-iron, 60% stony and 10% carbonaceous/ice. Bodies are
predominantly in the 5-50 km diameter range.

Most (90,000) of the 125,000 people of the Belt live in a large
O'Neill colony called Brosh-Drazhlish, hollowed out of a 25 km long
and 4 km diameter planetoid over 1,000 years ago. Numerous
"farmsteaders", loners and others live scattered across the Belt,
coming in to trade perhaps once or twice per year. Although close to
the Unity's core worlds, this system has a frontier feel. Some people
have been extensively geneered to live in the Belt and these dominate
certain occupations. Privacy is highly prized, since this was rare in
the past (when the population of the Belt was much higher). Zero-G
sports are so popular that virtually everyone takes part in at least
one. It has been said that the participation rate and fervent
following of the sports make them more a part of the culture than a
leisure activity.

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