Iachonz WriteUp

Iachonz (1913 B888676-A) is a Consulate system located on the
Consulate/Meichntid Ibl border. The planet is balkanised into eight
distinct nation states, each of which is a member of the Consulate.

Although each nation is a member of the Consulate, all have resisted
Consulate inspired attempts to form a unified world government.
Attempts at promoting world unity seem to have failed largely due to
lack of interest on the part of the population. It appears that each
nation state is quite content with being in control of it's own
affairs and is uninterested in having to deal with the problem of
people from the other side of the planet.

During the S'raak War the system was a major battlefield between
Consulate and Meichntid Ibl forces with widespread ground fighting
taking place. Wreckage and debris from the war is still turning up
quite regularly and a thriving salvage industry has grown since the

At the end of the S'raak War several neighbouring systems were ceded
to Meichntid Ibl as compensation for the wrongful (and ill fated)
invasion of that state by the Consulate. This has left Iachonz
virtually within the Meichntid Ibl borders. While military planners
complain that this leaves the system vulnerable to military action and
subversion by the Meichntid Ibl, it has proved to be an economic boon
to the planet. A great deal of Meichntid Ibl trade now passes through
the system.

The Consulate Navy maintains a major Naval installation in the system
and this has brought howls of protest from Meichntid Ibl authorities
who accuse the Consulate of warmongering.

(David Schneider)

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