Kizdalfa WriteUp

Kizdalfa: Located in Shipaiebria subsector, Kizdalfa (2007 A433AC7-E)
is the main Zhodani subsector capital in the sector. While it is true
that the Zhodani hierarchy of councils does not include a sector level
council, the Kizdalfa council is the senior council in the sector.
Typically the Provincial Government sends its policy decisions through
to Kizdalfa, which then relays the instructions onto the other
subsector councils in the sector. Generally the other subsector
councils in Yiklerzdanzh follow the Kizdalfa council's lead.

The Consulate Navy has its major command base located at Kizdalfa.
Theoretically, this is the home of Admiral Staedrlie and his general
staff. However, in practice, the Grand Admiral and his staff tend to
move around a great deal and have another major command base located
at the main Depot, Reentschti (1206). The Naval headquarters at
Kizdalfa tends to be administrative in nature with regards to command
activities. The system is also home to a major naval installation and
has a substantial fleet element based there.

Kizdalfa itself is a small world, but with a very large population. A
sizeable portion of the population lives in huge orbital complexes
around the mainworld, as a large part of the planets surface is
devoted to industry. However most of the population live on the
surface in massive arcologies. Other planets and moons in the system
have proved to be rich in metals and other valuable minerals. This has
allowed Kizdalfa to produce many goods at a lower price.

Kizdalfa has a high standard of living with a good level of wealth
amongst the population. Many of the Zhodani corporations in
Yiklerzdanzh are based upon Kizdalfa. The system has an average tech
level of 14, but the Naval shipyards were upgraded to Tech Level 15
seven years ago.

(David Schneider)

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