Itsplanzhikar WriteUp

Itsplanzhikar (2035) is one of the first settled worlds of the Unity.
With a temperate climate (mean surface temperature 21 degrees C), the
only original problem was lack of native life. Over the millennia,
introduced species have solved this problem and also helped maintain a
standard atmosphere. The addition of life, plus an attractive ring
system in a close orbit, makes Itsplanzhikar such a striking sight
from space that visiting ships always display it to their passengers.
The ring has the disadvantage of making orbital operations difficult,
so the main facilities of the starport are on its second moon. All
trade, customs and immigration is channelled through this facility.

Itsplanzhikar is still one of the most technologically advanced
systems in the Unity (and the sector). In order to continue this
advancement, academics are required to consume "smart" drugs, to
enhance their thought processes.

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