Qrannienzh WriteUp

Qrannienzh (2040) was also one of the first settled worlds, though why
it was settled so early is now a mystery. It has a dense irritant
atmosphere (surface pressure 2.4 standard), a massive ocean
(consisting of an atmosphere related chemical mix) that covers 99% of
the surface and a mean surface temperature varying from 45.3 degrees C
to 70.3 degrees C (the higher temperature being when the planet comes
into conjunction between the two stars.

Everyone wears protective clothing at all times, in case of an
environment breach. The constant worries about breaches (though these
are now actually quite rare) have led to numerous superstitions, such
as breaches occurring more often at conjunctions. There is also a fear
of being outside, so virtually all external operations are performed
by remote controlled robots. As an added safety measure, everyone
works as part of a team, with each person relying on the other
members. The emphasis on teams has led to people of a team socialising
together outside of work and to marriage taking place only within a
House. Many clubs prefer to operate clandestinely, since members may
be discriminated against for spending too much time away from their
fellow team members. Some of these clubs are actually convenient
fronts for secret societies.

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