Qrazhazhjal WriteUp

Qrazhazhjal (2137) was another system settled in the early days of the
Unity. It is now a busy, thriving system which has the honour to be
the capital of the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity and the site of the Great
Common - a meeting hall the size of a large city. The main hall has a
door almost 70 metres high, the main room is almost 500m high and
several kilometres across.

It is believed by inhabitants that the Izrats Kriezhlas tradition of
tattooing occupations on the face started here, though other systems
dispute this. The inhabitants are all well off and love to display
their wealth in ostentatious ways. People have extravagant quarters
and conspicuous consumption, and there is a project to link the
beanstalks that link the downports with their orbitals into a huge,
artificial "ring".

The world is not as pleasant as some Izrats Kriezhlas worlds, but is
quite habitable with acclimatisation. The main problems are the cool
climate (base temperature 3 degrees C), lack of water (hydrographics
33%) and short day (rotational period 14 hrs 30 minutes).

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