Eleshtepri WriteUp

Eleshtepri (2138) is a pleasant enough world, but is considered by the
rest of the Unity as being just a bit too lacking in everything. The
atmosphere has just too low an oxygen percentage for it to be readily
breathable, the hydrosphere is just that bit too great (84%) for a
small world to have enough land for a large colony, the surface
atmospheric pressure is a little too high (1.3 standard) to be
pleasant, most of the land happens to be in hot equatorial latitudes
(base surface temperature 24.3 degrees C) and the native life is just
a little too primitive (being in a "Cambrian" stage of early/mid
aerobic development). The people of other systems use the word
Eleshtepri to describe something that is almost but not quite good
enough, which greatly annoys the locals, who disagree with all these
assessments. Most of the locals are sufficiently acclimatised to the
conditions that they can survive outside without a mask for several
days, particularly if no strenuous activity is performed.

The world has more traffic than the starport would suggest, as it is a
jump-2 connection between core and rimward. Unfortunately, the locals
cannot afford to improve the starport and the reputation of the system
(justified or otherwise) prevents off-world finance being made

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