Anchli WriteUp

Anchli (2140) is another of the first worlds, selected due to it being
quite habitable without artificial assistance (though with a base
surface temperature of 3.5 degrees C, it is a little colder than the
ideal). Anchli is high density, leading to a surface gravity of 0.8
standard. There is native life, but only those born on the world seem
to find it tasty. An example is the dish called Vratsilshid, which is
extremely popular locally but found vile by virtually all visitors.

The population density is quite high (7.13 billion on a small world)
but people get along due to their great tolerance for others. The
government encourages this by such measures as forcing people to learn
to live together by prohibiting short marriages.

There are a great many schismatic groups, many of which have unusual
customs. In fact, the population has a reputation for consistent in
only one thing P inconsistency. The rest of the Unity considers the
locals to be a little strange, perhaps a little too interested in
unusual philosophical concepts, but Anchli has enough political and
economic influence to be unaffected by such views.

One example of an unusual custom is that some political groups have
extended the tattooing custom to dye their hair the same colour and
style. This has led to these political groups being known by their
hairstyles - the Emerald Mohawks being an example.

Another is the filling of certain government jobs by lottery. All
citizens are automatically entered, even criminals and those in mental
institutions, with the winners having an interesting, influential and
well paid job for a year. Those who perform well are in great demand
by industry after their terms have ended.

The Ancients Site is near the single major ocean. There is a maze of
tunnels found in a granite outcrop, with numerous empty chambers. Near
the centre was found a strange device made of unknown metal, somehow
fused with the granite. The device turned out to be a functioning
stasis chamber, the principles of which (despite long analysis) remain
a mystery. When Kish alv-Ranchie, Anchli's greatest artist, contracted
a terminal variety of brain cancer in 200 Imperial, it was decided
that such talent could not be lost. She was immediately interred in
the stasis chamber, where she remains to this day. Several of her
works (those on impermanent media) were interred with her and it was
later decided to make the facility into an art gallery. The gallery
specialises in the work of Kish and those influenced by her, but has
quite a variety.

The only child of Kish alv-Ranchie died tragically shortly after her
mother was interred and is buried outside the complex. The site is a
pretty one, and there are several kishik here.

Referee: Recently, a criminal mastermind with a greatly inflated idea
of his own significance to the universe contracted an incurable
disease. His plan is to send a team in with a huge plasma cutting
torch, to remove the stasis chamber (and the whole room, if necessary)
from the surrounding granite. He then intends to remove Kish from the
chamber, have her paint suitable portraits of himself until she dies
(since none he has ever commissioned has ever "captured the essence of
his astronomical intellect"), then use the stasis chamber himself. He
will attempt to throw the blame onto another group, but is yet to
decide which. He knows how to operate the stasis chamber (a secret),
thanks to the success of recent blackmail.

It is left to the referee to decide the homeworld of the criminal; he
could be local, or from a nearby world, such as Sitiefladr, Forday's
Fortune, Dushegadaar or even a world in Wyld Worlds subsector. He has
access to more money and resources than anyone the local police has
ever faced, so he has every chance of success. This could be the first
of several encounters with this person and his organisation, or a
follow up to a previous adventure of the referee's design.

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