Shtansh WriteUp

Shtansh (2239) is an unusual system. The three stars, called Zod,
Yerosh and Veritl, have the dubious distinction of being named after
the Zhodani equivalent of John, Jane and Spot. The world has a short
rotational period (17 hours 18 mins) but this is largely irrelevant,
considering the axial inclination of 72 degrees 44' 57". Mean surface
temperature is 36.4 degrees C, but temperatures vary widely with the
length of the "day". The native life tends to be migratory, use
hibernation or is simply very hardy, to cope with the climate. The
single satellite Tlalosh is also habitable and has been used for
farming for millennia.

Until 24 years ago, the mainworld was classified as C887786-8. Then a
small uprising became a full scale war between two minor Houses,
ending after atomics and biologicals were used. The atmosphere is now
tainted with pollutants and diseases from the war. The Unity stripped
both Houses of all their assets and used these to assist the
survivors. Tens of thousands of people have been housed in refugee
camps on Tlalosh, but there are still about 227,000 people on the
mainworld. A starport of sorts still exists, which sees more shipping
than the starport rating would normally suggest.

The experiences of the war have greatly affected the people, but each
in different ways. Some regions (such as those near the starport) are
friendly enough, but many are xenophobic. Most communities have been
forced to compete with others to survive, and there is still raiding
and the like between them.

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