Kaguk WriteUp

Kaguk B648615-C
Starport: Good Size: Medium (8800-10400 km)
Atmosphere: Thin, tainted Hydrographics: 80% water
Population: 6 million Govt: Company/Corporation
Law Level: Moderate Technology: Average Stellar

The population of Kaguk has changed radically from the days before the
Collapse. Once a backward agricultural world with a relatively small
population and no industry to speak of, it has evolved into an important and
influencial world in the Republic. The change began when refugees from the
industrial world of Ember fled to Kaguk as the shockwave of the Collapse
passed through their star system. Over the next several decades, a kind of
cultural fusion took place between the folksy, hard working farmers of Kaguk
and the business-oriented Emberians. New Era Kaguk is still predominately
agricultural, but there is now a large merchant class that has amassed a
considerable fortune in the salvage and relics industry. Kagukan merchants
are renowned (and to a degree infamous) through out the rimward subsectors
of the Rim as master scavengers who seemingly have the ability to produce a
piece of relic technology on demand, if the price is right. The Kagukans
have several salvage operations ongoing in the Sol subsector, most notably at
Ember, Junction, and Nusku, where they employ large numbers of the
inhabitants. They also have a major presence in the merchant colony at
Barnard, which was founded originally by Kagukan merchants who desired a more
"discrete" location to conduct business deals with Terran and Promethean

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