Tliadrstatl WriteUp

Tliadrstatl (2439) is a high density world, leading to a surface
gravity of 1.8g. It is otherwise a pleasant world (mean surface
temperature 18.5 degrees C) and features native life.

Tliadrstatl is owned by a single House, which gives the House great
influence, given that the system has long been the subsector capital.
The system has long been interested in immigration and so there is a
larger than normal population of non Izrats Kriezhlas. Most of these
are Zhodani and Imperials, though there are even some Aslan and Vargr.

Recently, the House has instituted isolationist policies and has
prohibited offworld contact for the non Izrats Kriezhlas. This has
fuelled racial tensions which previously did not exist, leading to
increasingly fervent demonstrations, which occasionally deteriorate
into riots. The Unity has threatened to move the subsector capital if
the policies continue, but there has been no change as yet.

Children are named after living relatives, which can be confusing to

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