Sashero WriteUp

Sashero (2440) is a tidally locked world, mostly inhabited in the low-
to mid-latitudes of the day side, where the temperatures are more
amenable than the twilight band (where the base surface temperature is
-2.9 degrees C).

It is a backwater planet and the people like it that way. There is
little House presence. Sashero concentrates on primary industries and
exporting ores, non-metals and agroproducts. Agriculture is difficult
(due to the temperatures) and the need for agroproducts for export and
economic survival means that even the low population (535,000) is not
always well fed.

The custom of tattooing is taken to such an extent here that there are
unusual body alterations required at several critical ages (e.g.
puberty, adulthood). Some merchants who travel here like to apply
temporary tattoos or other skin markings, so their customers feel more
at ease when dealing with them.

Sashero regards itself as the home of serious body art (where the
human body is used as a canvas by artists) and these services do
provide a small source of foreign earnings.

Due to poor public management, criminals must be housed and fed by
their relatives. These criminals have special transmitters surgically
implanted, so that authorities can ensure that they do not leave home.

There are a higher number of non Izrats Kriezhlas living here, but the
groups are not well integrated. In fact, a special language has had to
be developed for political groups, so that the world government can


(1) Unsuspecting medics serving aboard visiting merchant ships are
sometimes approached or even kidnapped to remove the transmitters.

(2) Although Sashero long ago lost primacy in body art to those on
more highly populated and affluent worlds, there is a small group of
artists who, over the last few years, has begun to produce excellent
work. These are not well known even on Sashero, but a visiting
character with appropriate skill may well notice examples of their

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