Dushegadaar WriteUp

Dushegadaar (2531): This pleasant world is home to a population of
mostly Vilani descent. It is mainly notable for its shipyard, which
produces an amazing array of ships up to 2000 tons in size. Unlike
Duneed and Kusiahatai, Dushegadaar rarely produces two ships from the
same set of blueprints. Some popular models, however, are consistently
constructed with extensive customisation. A majority of the ships
constructed here head out for ports unknown and are not registered in
the subsector.

It has been noted that a number of captured and defeated corsair and
pirate ships bear the mark of being constructed on Dushegadaar. Some
feel that the government of Dushegadaar actually takes commissions for
building pirate ships directly from the felons, for the system is
known as a safe haven from pirate attack. The amazing assortment of
goods available onworld lead some to suspect that some come from the
holds of looted merchant ships.

Whatever the case, anyone with the money can have any ship
modifications done at Dushegadaar.

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