Eblplons WriteUp

Eblplons (2532): With only a trace atmosphere, this mining and support
facility was ruthlessly run until recently taken over in a coup led by
a woman named Chtalfent Kiench Fleqrivr. She has ruled the outpost for
the past five years with the support of the workers, maintaining the
previous production standards but with a much happier work force. A
landing field and fuel supply are maintained to encourage merchants to
visit often, if irregularly.

There are also occasional visitors who search for the old Vlazhdumecta
supply base which is believed to be located somewhere in this system.
The locals post a standing reward of Cr 50,000 (or twice this value in
ore) for discovery of the base, since it would bring extra traffic to
the world and boost the economy.

Referee's Information:

(1) There is no Vlazhdumecta base in the system, but
a group of dishonest locals are using their mining equipment to
construct fake ruins under an overhanging cliff in the far northern
latitudes. They hope to claim the reward and disappear before anyone
sees through the scam. The activity is only on a part time basis, but
the last searcher was unlucky enough to be discovered by the miners
and killed for her trouble. She came from a family of moderate means
on nearby Dushegadaar, where her sister is considering a trip to try
to solve the mystery of her disappearance.

(2) Players with Prospecting skill should be allowed to try their
luck. The local government encourages people to search unclaimed
regions of the world (in the hope of discovering ore-rich areas) and
charges only a nominal fee.

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