Vlados WriteUp

Vlados (2535): This barren, airless, high-density world with an ice
core was settled in the 950s, but was abandoned within twenty years
for lack of worthwhile resources to exploit. It is currently home to a
few wildcat prospectors who roam the surface, making just enough
strikes to survive, all hoping for the big strike that they dream of.

It is believed that MacCormick Carriers is considering the
establishment of a refuelling station in the system, to provide better
access to the Izrats Kriezhlas and the jump-4 trade route to the
Zhodani Consulate. No decision has been announced.

Referee's information:

Despite the lack of a gas giant or surface water, this system is
the real site of the third Vlazhdumecta base. The base is on an
ice-covered moon of the outermost of the three planets of the

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