Brianchvrench WriteUp

Brianchvrench (2537): When originally settled, this system was the
furthest spinward colony of the Driantia Steblenzhtia. When most of
the other Driantia Steblenzhtia worlds in the subsector seceded, the
nobility saw that distance alone forced them to secede as well. The
people have always lived the traditional Zhodani lifestyle, trading
with the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity, ignoring affairs in the rest of the
subsector and trying to deal with their own problems as best they

It took many centuries before a large industrial base developed. The
lack of machines in rural areas resulted in a population explosion
there, leading to the world now having the largest population in the
subsector. Izrats Kriezhlas investment helped develop the world and
about 10% of the current population are Izrats Kriezhlas. In more
recent times, investment has also flowed from elsewhere in the
subsector, such as Vraq-Sieldrents, as companies try to gain access to
this huge local market.

After the Unity abandoned the client state status it held with the
Zhodani Consulate, the discontent with the government which had never
fully dissipated began to grow. The Izrats Kriezhlas minority was the
first to agitate for change, but other groups in the intendant class
soon made their own demands. The government attempted to control the
situation by shows of force, but mistakes resulting in the deaths of
innocents merely increased public support for the rebels.

About a year ago, the sporadic incidents grew into an uprising. The
revolutionaries (called the Guardians of Tradition) have wrested
control of the orbital facilities and two of the three continents.
Although the last continent is proving difficult to take, the
revolutionaries have claimed overall victory and have established a
carefully designed government structure.

The new government is to be nominally controlled by a council of
selected (and easily controlled) minor nobles from the frontier
regions, with large estates that insulate them from the rest of
society and vice versa. The leader of the council is named Qel-Klianz
Zhidlets. It is hoped that the similarity to the traditional
government will make it acceptable to traditionalists in society, yet
also satisfy those wanting change. In a final step to sway
traditionalists (and to reduce resistance on the third continent) they
have publicly "begged the rightful leaders to again take their place
at the head of our society and rule it with their insightful wisdom".
In fact, they secretly obtained the cooperation of these nobles some
time ago and the government effectively already exists.

The system was declared a Red zone by neighbouring states and systems
as soon as the revolution started. Since combat is still in progress
on the surface of the planet, this declaration is still in place and
is likely to remain so for some time. The fact that the SDB squadrons
(which declared neutrality at the start of the revolution) have not
yet lent their support to the new government is also a complicating

Other worlds in the subsector of Zhodani stock are said to be
concerned that the revolution here may spread to their own worlds.
Both the revolutionaries and the previous government have called upon
the other Zhodani systems to recognise and support them but no such
system has yet stated a position.

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