Vamtliaz WriteUp

Vamtliaz (2617 B426652-B) is a member of the Zhodani Consulate,
located on the Zhodani border near the Akigura Union. Since the system
is widely considered as the first step in the Zhodani Trailing X-boat
route, there is a Zhodani naval base in system. An exceptionally large
amount of extra Consulate trade also goes through the system.

Unfortunately for the Consulate, positive control of the planet seems
to have been lost. The World Government is officially a Feudal
Technocracy, but since the S'raak War, the number of placements for
high level technical training has been limited to offspring of the
ruling elite.

This has resulted in a large pool of skilled technical personnel
without formally recognised qualifications. The lack of formal
qualifications means that no matter how skilled or able these
personnel are, they are unable to be involved in the governmental

Even more disturbing is the massive increase in what the local
government terms as "unskilled labour". The increased proportion in
unskilled labour appears to be a result of the S'raak War. During the
S'raak War the planet suffered extensive damage during fighting with
Meichntid Ibl forces. A great amount of this damage was never really
repaired apart from restoring the sealed domes and environments vital
for life on this near vacuum planet. This resulted in a massive
increase in slums. It also did not help that the education budget was
essentially halved in order to facilitate rebuilding.

To make matters worse, the Tavrchedl' presence in system was all but
eliminated with the destruction of the main Tavrchedl' dome during the
fighting with Meichntid Ibl forces. These Tavrchedl' officers were not
replaced until well after the S'raak War was over. By which time it
was too late. Use and availability of Psi Shield helmets was
widespread and the new Tavrchedl' officers arriving from offworld
began to start turning up dead on a regular basis. It was not long
afterwards that the Tavrchedl' are believed to have reported to their
superiors that thought control of Vamtliaz had been lost. The
Tavrchedl' are thought to believe that Meichntid Ibl agents are active
on Vamtliaz.

Vamtliaz is now a planet where lawlessness is rife. The downgrading of
the law level to 2 was seen as a major admission by local authorities
that they had completely lost control. There are now large areas of
the planets many domes that are no longer under the effective control
of the world government. Police on Vamtliaz are described by many off
worlders as being virtually powerless outside of the well controlled
areas. It is also reported that the police refuse outright to enter
certain areas. It has been confirmed that the number of "unexplained
deaths" has increased dramatically to unheard of levels.

Consulate officials appear to be powerless to act without a request
for aid from the world government, a request which they appear to be
extremely reluctant to give. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the
Consulate government is considering reclassifying Vamtliaz as an
unabsorbed world.

(David Schneider)

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