Jdreie' WriteUp

Jdreie' (2703) possesses extensive ruins of an extinct ancient
civilisation. The civilisation appears to have had a very irregular
technological advancement, with certain areas more higher developed
than others. Despite the present high population, there are many areas
on the world which have never been properly searched for ruins, and so
there is a thriving industry supporting amateur archaeologists. The
world is also curious in that it has totally lost its atmosphere,
which is unusual for a world of this size. It is believed that the
loss of atmosphere is linked in some way to the death of the ancient
civilisation, but this has never been proven. Some say that the world
is an unusual Ancients site, others say that the Ancients destroyed
the civilisation for some reason, others again say that a huge
meteorite impact was responsible.

(David Schneider)

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