Caveat WriteUp

Caveat (2733): At first glance, Caveat seems to be a hellhole very
much like high-density version of Venus. Observers of the world have
often commented that any colonists would have to be insane to settle

The first humans on the world agreed with this point of view. Their
colony ship, containing thousands of people in cold sleep, entered the
system purely to refuel before heading onto Greytown. After a
ridiculous series of engineering "accidents" (the apparent sabotage
could never be investigated properly), the ship was forced to crash
land on to this world. Their Chief Pilot, Edgar MacWilliams
(progenitor of the MacWilliams pilot dynasty in the MacCormick line),
managed to land the vessel with most of the main hull intact, though
hundreds of colonists died.

The survivors located a series of extensive tunnels, which were sealed
off, to set up a subterranean colony using scavenged parts of the
starship and its cargo. The subsequent discovery of a native creature
inhabiting the black tunnels of Caveat, which had developed a level of
intelligence bordering on full sentience, guided the colonists towards
an industry devoted to living with the ecology of their tunnel homes.

Though now a democracy, a period of civil disruption saw much
factional fighting in the caverns and tunnels separating the
underground towns. The introduction of mercenaries from Glenaura
shortened but bloodied the "civil action" considerably. Some
settlements are even now actively anti-Glenauran, even though their
differences with their government are settled by their elected
representatives inside the council chambers.

Caveat is a member of the Glenauran Signatorate and part of the
Scottish bloc.

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