Glenaura WriteUp

Glenaura (2734): Glenaura is a pleasant world, offering a mild climate
with an enjoyable atmosphere. The population, which is of Scottish
origin, takes full advantage of these, tending towards a decentralised

Despite these advantages, the early colony almost failed. Problems
with the soil and the native plant life forced farmers to resort to
hydroponics and imports (the only exception being a geneered creature
based on sheep). Additional problems, such as a marked lack of
minerals other than radioactives, led to specialisation in exports of
information technology and mercenaries.

The mercenaries of Glenaura are highly trained, well motivated and
led, expensive and successful. Though specialising in ground troops,
some COAAC and High Guard forces are available, the latter notable for
the fact that they use Aslan constructed ships from Kusiahatai. These
soldiers have seen action all over the subsector, with some companies
ranging even further.

Notable for a world its size is the fact that there is no established
government. Some families have, over generations, specialised in
providing certain services, and continue to do so. This is a little
chaotic at times, but the natives prefer the freedom that working
within a family based capitalist system gives them. Travel on the
surface is restricted, and prior permission to enter a family's lands
is always required. If caught without permission, an offworlder is
subject to the justice system of that family.

The ruin of the old Vlazhdumecta base is a minor tourist attraction.

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