Kusiahatai WriteUp

Kusiahatai (2735): This world is believed to have been terraformed at
some point in the distant past. Popular belief holds that this was
performed by the Ancients, and archaeological and engineering evidence
has failed to disprove this hypothesis.

Kusiahatai was subject to settlement by Aslan colonists led by Second
Sons, who misjumped into the coreward part of Fulani sector around 700
Imperial. Their ship was badly damaged and all would have perished if
they had not been fortunate enough to encounter an exploration team
from the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity. Thanks to assistance from the Unity,
the Aslan were relocated to this world.

The Aslan prospered, to the extent that prime land was becoming scarce
only two centuries later. When some land poaching claims were levelled
by one of the five clans on the planet, tensions were released in a
devastating war. The weakest of clans committed all of their resources
to the conflict, which provided work for all available Glenauran
mercenaries in the subsector for three years. As the losing side of
the war became more and more desperate to stave off defeat from the
human-hiring clans, a number of threats regarding biological weapons
were made. These were disbelieved by the almost victorious clans, who
then suffered massive casualties when the threats became real. The
campaign was completed in a genocidal manner, the war seeing the total
population of Kusiahatai drop to only 25% of its prewar levels.

Since this war, the clans have operated in a much more cooperative
fashion. The world is once again prosperous and is likely to remain so
for the foreseeable future. It is leader of the unaligned Glenauran
Signatorate bloc.

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