Qapriez WriteUp

Qapriez (2819 B66A888-B): is a water world with a population of
hundreds of millions - 80% of whom are chirpers. It surprises many
people that a planet with no land surface could sustain such a massive
population of chirpers. The key to the chirpers survival is a unique
life form known as Jenzhang. These creatures reach a size of five
kilometres when mature. These passive creatures float across the seas
and skies of Qapriez. The jenzhang begin life when they hatch from
eggs which are released from a parent and are hatched by the sun. The
larval jenzhang are carnivorous and spend years feeding on marine life
growing until they are too large to effectively hunt their prey. They
then attach themselves to one of the massive undersea corals and
secrete a resinous cocoon in which they spend nearly a standard year.

What emerges from the cocoon bears little resemblance to what went in.
The jenzhang are no longer carnivores but instead acquire chlorophyll,
allowing them to make food from sunlight and minerals found in the
seawater. The jenzhang then float to the surface and gradually grow to
their monstrous proportions. After an indeterminate time, the jenzhang
again go through massive internal changes which see them develop
massive buoyant sacks of gas which eventually allow them to become

The adult jenzhang mate using air dispersed spores and their eggs come
equipped with natural parachutes, a jenzhang dropping it's eggs can be
a fascinating sight.

The planets chirper population lives on the backs of these fascinating
creatures in what appears to be a symbiotic relationship.

The human population lives in huge ships or grav cities. The human
population is extremely wealthy as a result of the massive tourist
trade the jenzhang and chirpers bring in, and from harvesting several
unique products of the worlds oceans.

The planet owns the nearby asteroid system of Fenchzhe (2919) and a
great deal of money from Qapriez in invested in the operations being
conducted there.

(David Schneider)

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