Chejieb WriteUp

Chejieb (2834): This tidally locked world was colonised in the late
500's, by humans of Zhodani stock from a then unabsorbed world in
Consulate space. When the Zhodani began to accelerate assimilation,
this part of the world's population decided to leave rather than lose
their cultural identity. Upon finding minerals they could exploit,
they settled on Chejieb, establishing bureaucratic offices to run the
services their new world would require. The world has always been
independent and Zdetl is spoken with a marked accent.

In 987, exploration of a particularly bleak part of the planet
revealed a strange featureless dome, to which access could be gained
only by passing through a winding underground tunnel. Investigation
revealed a huge crystal in the shape of an elaborate snowflake,
situated underneath a tiny slit in the roof of the dome. The whole
site was immediately proclaimed an Ancients Site and placed under
heavy guard. Centuries of study has produced many theories but no
facts. Some suppose that it may have been a teaching tool, concerning
the nature of light (it has a refractive index much higher than that
of diamond), a demonstration of the nature of fractals, or some sort
of strange spectrograph (since the primary star is believed to have
been manipulated by the Ancients). Artists suggest that it is that
rare find, a piece of Ancients sculpture. In any case, the display of
reflected and refracted light on the interior of the dome is quite
beautiful and no tourist would miss the display. The site is worth a
visit even at night, since the custodians project artificial white
light and coloured lasers through the slit.

Chejieb has been approached a number of times over the last millennium
by the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity, in an attempt to set up close trading
links or even client state status. The most recent attempt was at
around the same time as the proposition of the Glenauran Signatorate,
which left Chejieb with a difficult decision. Despite Unity supply of
engineering and technical advisers, Chejieb eventually decided to sign
the paper (fearing Unity economic domination). Aid and advisers were
immediately withdrawn, forcing Chejieb to replace them with similar
experts from Duneed and Kusiahatai.

In the last few years, Zhodani refugees have boosted the world's
population to the limit of current life support capability. The
refugees have otherwise settled in well and confidence is high on
Chejieb that the Signatorate offers a prosperous, independent future.
Chejieb is associated with the Zhodani bloc, since their aims and
needs are similar.

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