Shining Face WriteUp

Shining Face (2836): This low density world, known as "Love of the
Prophets" by the inhabitants, has been dominated and governed by the
"Lord of Light" religion since colonised by people of Imperial origin
in the early 700s. The main tenants of the belief are that the great
prophets of the old human religions were all reincarnations of the
same soul, sent to humaniti to proclaim His word. It is argued that
God sent this soul to the most deserving people of the time; that is,
those who were the most pure and devout.

The current Council of Great Elders believes that Shining Face has the
largest concentration of "true" believers in space, which means that
it will be the next place for the reincarnation of the inspired soul.
Some believe that the next incarnation will lead humaniti into the
final stage of spiritual development, but others feel that some sort
of sign would precede such an event.

Lord of Light has been spread to some of the Zhodani planets in Rom's
Loch, whose total number of adherents includes about 25% again of the
population of Shining Face. It doesn't seem to have made any impact on
the other planets of Imperial origin or on the Aslan of Kusiahatai.

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