Iareflonzal WriteUp

Iareflonzal (2933): A system in the cluster of the same name, occupied
by ethnic Zhodani who don't believe in psionics being the measure of a
persons nobility. Instead they believe nobility is a hereditary
position, involving breeding and proper behaviour.

The tidally locked mainworld was originally settled as part of the
Driantia Steblenzhtia, but the local nobles decided to secede rather
than accept the reforms of 666. They ruled that since they were
responsible for the people, only they should be in control of such
essential services as environmental control, food production and water
harvesting. Since the world has virtually no atmosphere, these
services are heavily technologically oriented, leading to the
government code.

Visitors are required to pay an air tax and may trade in restricted
technologies only with the government. Penalties for smuggling of vacc
suits and similar items are high, but offworlders who respect these
restrictions are treated well.

Iareflonzal is now part of the Glenauran Signatorate, leader of the
Zhodani bloc. In the last few years, the population has been increased
by 25% as the result of Zhodani refugees. Some have had trouble
adapting to the change of political system, leading to some political
instability at the moment.

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