Odreitsvoz WriteUp

Odreitsvoz (2934): Odreitsvoz was originally colonised as part of the
Driantia Steblenzhtia, but later seceded after a coup by a group of
young nobles. The coup was ill-fated, since problems caused by their
harsh rule and the arguments between the noble families split the
planet into 30 nations within three generations. Nearby worlds were
able to play the various nations against each other to gain great
market penetration.

Odreitsvoz remained balkanised until 1084, when Izrats Kriezhlas
diplomats assisted the nations with the peaceful formation of a world
government. This government consisted of a council (rated a
charismatic oligarchy) consisting of appointments made by the 10 most
powerful companies. The stability accompanying the formation of world
government, in addition to the trade and aid agreements with the
Izrats Kriezhlas Unity that it immediately signed, led to an economic
boom. The world never joined the Signatorate.

In 1197, one of the major companies discovered a rich cluster of
asteroids in the adjacent Chejieb system. Unfortunately, a dispute
over whether some of the asteroids had drifted into an adjoining
prospecting zone (owned by a Chejieb company) led to fighting between
security forces. Since the Odreitsvoz company was part of the
government and had official status, the Chejieb company successfully
gained the assistance of Chejieb government system defence boats. This
merely provoked a greater response from Odreitsvoz, but Signatorate
intelligence revealed the details of the plan and called upon
Glenauran mercenaries to lead a pre-emptive strike. This surprise
attack was so successful that Odreitsvoz fell before Izrats Kriezhlas
Unity assistance could be requested.

This world is still occupied by Glenauran Signatorate troops. The
worlds of Glenaura, Kusiahatai, Duneed and Ancona have each been given
part of the world to run as it sees fit, so Odreitsvoz is balkanised
once more. The multinational makeup of the occupying forces prevented
the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity from liberating the world, since such an
invasion would effectively be declaring war on most of the Glenauran
Signatorate. The Unity has made very strong protests, with no effect.

Due to the occupation, Odreitsvoz is part of the Glenauran
Signatorate. It is part of the unaligned bloc, due to the
multinational composition of the occupying forces.

Referee's Information:

The situation here is at the same time the most significant joint
project of the Signatorate and the one most likely to destroy it.
The locals have a historical grudge against nearby worlds and are
still resisting the occupation with sabotage and civil disobedience.
The growing success of the resistance is due to their leadership,
who are Tavrchedl' like officers not captured in the invasion. These
officers have an understanding of human nature and population
control that dwarfs that of the occupying troops. All have been
psionically trained, though some are of only moderate ability.

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