Ancona WriteUp

Ancona (3032): This hospitable, high density world was originally
colonised by Vlazhdumecta, who established a base here to supply ships
en route to the colonies to spinward. After the Vlazhdumecta collapse,
the stranded inhabitants fell back to TL 1, growing to about a million
strong at the time the Scots arrived.

Ancona was the first to be colonised by the Scottish Solomani of the
subsector, later serving as the base for expansion to the surrounding
worlds. The colonists were from six groups, which each settled a site
along clan lines. Over the years, there were many periods of disputes
and conflict between and within the groups. The Vlazhdumecta
population was quickly exceeded by that of the Solomani, who used the
Vlazhdumecta as manual labourers and were largely absorbed into
Solomani culture.

There are now seven different nations on its mainworld, six of which
(MacNamara, MacPherson, MacLeod, MacKinnon, MacDonald and MacArthur)
are based on the original colonies. The seventh is more recent,
stemming from a time of racial troubles, when many of the Vlazhdumecta
from the other six nations seceded and set up their own state (some
say that that Izrats Kriezhlas Unity supplied them with arms). This
state has set up some cultural links with the Izrats Kriezhlas Unity,
but general trades with other members of the Glenauran Signatorate.
The secession has largely ended the discrimination against
Valzhdumecta, so the secession has improved relations with the Izrats
Kriezhlas Unity for everyone. There are few pure blood Vlazhdumecta
remaining here, but anyone with half Vlazhdumecta blood or greater is
referred to locally as being Vlazhdumectan.

Many of those with less Vlazhdumecta blood are considered Solomani by
the Vlazhdumecta and Vlazhdumecta by the Solomani, and so do not fit
in well anywhere. Many of these leave for other worlds or become
travellers, in search of a society in which they feel accepted. Some
who remain are driven to crime by poverty, and this has given all of
them a bad name that few deserve.

All seven nations have signed the Glenauran Signatorate paper. Ancona
is part of the Scottish bloc, but the Vlazhdumecta are considering
throwing in their lot with the Zhodani or unaligned blocs. Political
incidents on Ancona do still occur between the nations, though less
frequently since the signing of the paper.

The ruin of the old Vlazhdumecta supply base and surrounding town is
in the MacArthur nation. Although damaged in a clan war in 803, it
functions as a minor tourist attraction. Since it lies near the border
with the Vlazhdumecta nation, there is a major dispute between the
MacArthur and Vlazhdumecta nation for ownership of the area.

Referee's Information:

Some of the thugs who live in the area of the old Vlazhdumecta ruin
are assaulting Vlazhdumecta guides. It is unknown whether they are
in search of the offworld currency that many of the guides receive
in tips, or sponsored by the Vlazhdumecta nation, or due to some
other reason altogether. A recent request by the guides for
bodyguards has been accepted and persons known to be independent
(such as offworlders) are favoured for employment.

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